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Oil from Kazakhstan to flow in Bourgas-Alexandroupolis

Submitted on Tuesday, 24 March 2009No Comment

The president of “Transneft” Nikolai Tokarev announced at a press conference today that oil from Kazakhstan will also flow in the planned oil pipeline Bourgas-Alexandroupolis.

For now, Moscow insisted that only Russian oil will flow through the pipeline.

Tokarev made the new announcement after today’s meeting with the Bulgarian prime minister Sergei Stanishev and the Bulgarian minister of regional development Asen Gagauzov, the chairman of the parliamentary energy commission Rumen Ovcharov and various Bulgarian experts.

According to preliminary calculations, the construction of Bourgas-Alexandroupolis will begin in the second half of 2010 and will finish in 2012.

The pipeline will transfer 35 million tons oil on a yearly basis. 17 million tons will come from Kazakhstan. In Bulgaria, the pipeline will go under agricultural lands.