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We all contribute to the image of Bulgaria

Submitted on Wednesday, 20 May 2009No Comment
We all contribute to the image of Bulgaria

We all contribute to how the image of Bulgaria forms worldwide, said the minister for EU-related issues Gergana Pasi during the discussion on the image of Bulgaria internationally and the role of the media and Bulgarian societies abroad. The discussion is part of the Fifth international summit of Bulgarian media aborad.

A large part of the publications in the foreign media are interpretative, distanced, which is probably due to them being retold stories that are full of cliched criticism, noted minister Pasi.

According to her, now is the time of the young capitalism in Bulgaria with all the faults of that young period. Gergana Pasi said that when the topic is Bulgaria in the eyes of the international media, first we have to see the image of Bulgaria in the eyes of the Bulgarian media.

The image of Bulgaria in foreign media is largely the same as the image of Bulgaria formulated by ourselves, says minister Pasi. “Low self-esteem dooms Bulgaria to darker articles in the European press”, says Gergana Pasi.