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Reduction of traffic near the mall of Plovdiv

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Reduction of traffic near the mall of Plovdiv

380 parking places will be opened near the mall of Plovdiv. New streets will be opened, and other – widened to reduce the traffic issues near the building. This was announced by the vice-mayor of the municipality of Plovdiv Rusi Panchev.

The street perpendicular to “Peshtersko shose” will also be opened for traffic. “Peshtersko shose” will be widened with 14 meters in the section between “Koprivshtica” blvd. and “Tsarevets” str. 200 new parking places will be opened alongside the street. Another 180 will be made near the building of the mall of Plovdiv itself. “Svoboda” blvd will also be extended to connect with “Tsarevets” str. This will form a ring around the mall complex.

“The municipality of Plovdiv heeded the pleas of citizens living around the mall and took these measures. People in the vicinity of the mall reported huge traffic jams during the weekends, which prevents them to even exit their homes”, commented the vice-mayor Panchev.

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