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“Substories” in the exhibition hall “Raiko Alexiev”

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“Substories” in the exhibition hall “Raiko Alexiev”

Bozhidar Boyadzhiev, Vasil Abadzhiev, Valentina Ivancheva, Georgi Pasev, Emil Zhelyazkov, Lazar Liutakov and Yanko Atanasov participate in the exhibition “Substories”. The authors have personal motivation to present themselves in a group. Their works have a narrative nature, and tell their stories in the distinct manner of each artist.

The “sub” part of the name references everything underlying, informal, do-it-yourself and unrecognized – and can be applied to all the works in the exhibition. Thus they choose the name “Substories” – a term that loses it’s full meaning if it’s translated. The artists expect the audience to understand it’s meaning, being lose to the popular internet slang and movement.