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The EU gives 50 million euro to Bulgaria for the rural areas

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The EU gives 50 million euro to Bulgaria for the rural areas

The European Union will provide 1,5 bilion euro to the rural areas in various countries. Bulgaria, being a member of the EU, will receive between 40 and 50 billion euro.

The Bulgarian european deputee Petia Stavreva is part of the commission that is tasked to provide the extra funds to the various governments.

“These money will be given over the period of 2010-2013, and the option for complete absorption of the resources will come up at about 2015. The sizze of the sum for each country-member of the EU depends on the so-called historical key for sharing. Taking preliminary talks into account, we can assume that Bulgaria will receive a sum between 40 and 50 millio euro”, said Petia Stavreva in front of the Bulgarian national radio.

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