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Sapareva bania – competitor for excellence in European tourism

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Sapareva bania – competitor for excellence in European tourism

The municipality of Sapareva bania was invited to participate in a competition for an excellent tourism destination of Europe. The prize is given to the resort that did well in a project of the European Commission and the Bulgarian government. This was made clear during the presentation of the program in the information center near the Geyser, attended by the chairman of the Agency for tourism and leader of the project Anelia Krushkova, the secretary of the agency and consultant of the project Dimitrinka Hristova and the sociologist Antoni Galabkov. The municipality administration was represented by the vice-mayor Radka Georgieva.

If they present themselves well, Sapareva bania will be included in the new European tourist map as a destination that will be advertised across Europe with promotional videos, TV spots, inclusion in tourism routes, handouts and adverts in the EU, etc.