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Stanishev won the vote of confidence in BSP

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Stanishev won the vote of confidence in BSP

“After the elections on July 5th, all socialists must live with and reflect on our heavy loss,” stated the leader of the Bulgarian Socialists Party (BSP) Sergei Stanishev during his speech in front of the National council of the party.

“I don’t support the proposal for an emergency congress”, stated he. His motives are that calling such a congress would result in the loss of valuable time.

According to Stanishev, the party will not be active opposition in the parliament for at least half a year, until it solves it’s internal problems.

He also said that he had received the proposal of Krasimir Premyanov and would accept a vote for a new chairman of the national council.

Stanishev said that he’s not afraid to compete in an open and fair manner against any other candidate. “My position is not resignation,” clarified he. Stanishev proposed to the National council to evaluate his performance over the last four years.

He also insisted on a concrete position from the National council on that very same day, through a vote of confidence for the leader of the party.

Several of the members of the National council were against that, including Tatyana Doncheva and Dobromir Gushterov.

The current Executive department of the council understands well it’s responsibility in politics, explained the now former prime minister.

Stanishev proposed to the National council to vote on the members of the commission that will prepare the 47th Congress. According to Stanishev, the members must include members of the Executive department, representatives from the left wing and the Open forum.

The earliest date for the congress is October 17th. Stanishev’s proposal is to discuss the politics of BSP, the analysis of the current conditions after the elections and the needed renovation in BSP during that congress.

The internal opposition in BSP in the face of Tatyana Doncheva did not agree with today’s vote of confidence.

“This national council is elected only by the executive department. What vote of confidence? There is no such thing, comrades,” said Doncheva. “Why do we need this charade?”

According to her, the requested vote of confidence for the current leadership will not benefit anyone.

Dobromir Gushterov also went out of today’s meeting angered and explained that today’s work on “Pozitano” 20 str. was meaningless. Before the meeting, he stated that if the elections were today, Boiko Borisov would’ve won 140 places in the parliament.

On the proposed resignation of Stanishev, Gushterov commented, that he expects a “gentleman’s behavior”. He was resolute that the vote of confidence was a waste of time.

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